Experimenting, learning while enjoying
and valuing what we do


For us education is essential, it was what motivated us to start the Can Julià project and it has always been one of our main motivations.

Since 1986 at Can Julià we have been offering didactic and educational workshops related to creativity, nature and the rural world.

For 36 years we have been offering activities that invite you to imagine, think, feel and experiment. Activities that help to discover creativity by playing, elaborating and working with hands, mind and heart.

We give great importance to the spaces that we have been adapting over time, which help us to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and allow us to carry out the activities with amplitude and relaxation.

Cerámica Rakú

The environment with its meadows, vineyards and views of Montserrat, Sant Llorenç and Tibidabo are elements that allow us to have direct contact with nature and contribute to a healthy day.

We offer workshops and activities such as rural environment classroom to learn about agriculture, how an orchard works and how other things like wine, oil and others are produced.   Workshops that bring us closer to art, crafts and creativity and that we also combine with playful experiences, in contact and awareness with nature.

We would like to thank all the schools and groups that have been participating and trusting us for so many years.

List of Workshops and Activities

Access the PDF where we present the activities and workshops with the different proposals and the ages to which they are addressed.

Prices and Reservations

We provide the form where we indicate the workshops and prices. Previously it is necessary to define the date and it is better to call 667 783 691 or send an email to:

The form must be sent by email, filled in, signed and stamped.

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