Can Julià - Espai d'accions creatives

A unique space that promotes the openness,
learning and relationships between people.

The charm
of a quiet place just a throw
of stone from the city

We have been restoring, transforming and preparing Can Julià since 1986.

From the beginning, the motivation was to offer a space to carry out educational, creative activities in connection with nature. In a short time, we saw that It was also an appropriate place where we could work on communication, exchange and learning, orientated towards growth and human relationships.

We define ourselves as a “Space for Creative Actions” and It’s not a school, a hotel, A tourism hose or an events and convention center: It is a unique space where activities, days and stays with groups or business teams can be carried out.

What you will find is a calm, warm and welcoming environment that promotes concentration, conscious openness and creative action.


Reunions, Events and Courses

Can Julià is an ideal place to carry out all kinds of company events, training events, meetings, presentations, workshops and group dynamics or international events. It is a space that offers the precise conditions of comfort, convenience and privacy to carry out your own work programs, in a natural environment where you can feel in harmony with nature.


Stays and Retreats

Can Julià is an ideal place for group stays. The uniqueness of its architecture, the spaciousness of its spaces and the tranquility of the natural environment invite you to enjoy the relaxation and warmth of the house. It is a magical place that offers conditions of intimacy and comfort where you can feel in harmony with nature and deepen in oneself.


Dig Deeper, Enjoy and Observe

We offer experiences and experiential workshops to connect our capacities and senses, whether in a playful environment or as a means to deepen our connection with ourselves. For 36 years we have been offering activities that invite you to imagine, think, feel and experiment. Activities that help to discover creativity, elaborating and working with hands, mind and heart.


Rural enviroment classroom, didactic workshops and a day getaways

For us education is essential, it was what motivated us to start the Can Julià project and it has always been one of our main motivations. Since 1986 at Can Julià we have been offering didactic and educational workshops related to creativity, nature and the rural world.

What do they say about us?

Can Julià - Espai d'accions creatives

M +34 667 783 691 · P +34 771 43 67
Camí de Can Julià · Ctra. de Sant Esteve, Km 1
08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona)