Estancias - Can Julià


Can Julià is the ideal staying place for groups that need a space to focus and go into detail about the different lines of knowledge related with human development, personal growth, philosophy, spiritual and health activities, as well as artistic, educative and cultural activities. Thanks to our experience, in Can Julià we have adapted each space to renew it and give it the function that each group needs in each moment.

The closeness of Can Julià to Barcelona and its fair enclousures and trade shows makes it , thanks to its easy comunication and access, an ideal staying place when these events are happenning. The tranquility, the calmness and its natural surroundings allow you to rest after an agitated day of work in order to wake up restored the next morning and being able to continue with your professional obligations. Moreover, if you want to know more about Barcelona, our team provides you guided tours to know this wonderful city.

For those who want a less conventional and more creative kind of turism, Can Julià invites you to know new possibilities in order to discover and create new perspectives. Throughout our workshops we teach you the importance of observation, perception, deepening and expression in order to improve these abilities and solve the needs that life demands in a more assertive way. This is a new kind of turism based on balance and learning with a great supply of programmes that will help you strengthen your creativity and it will keep you in touch with nature.

Can Julià used to be one of the most important agricultural estates in the Baix Llobregat region. It was a centre of production of grain, fruit trees and vineyards. At the end of XIX this wine activity led to the birth of the Bach wines. The country house keeps the structures of the grape grinders, the grinding millstones and the old winery and those symbolize its wine-making and agricultural past. The different rooms have been reused for the diverse activities that are offered and, for instance, the main yard has become and ideal place to relax. Moreover, the fireplace is surprisingly big and it is used as a place to gather around, warm up and have amazing conversations.

The warmness of the house invites to have comfortable and cozy stays and in order to have a close and personal contact with nature our team offers you the chance of combining it with a creative stay. In this atmosphere of serenity and calmness you will have at your disposal a space for reflection, learning and make from all of this an unforgettable stay. Walks, excursions, and tours along the green routes will improve even more your experience.