Celebraciones Creativas



We invite you to plan with us a special charming celebration.

Can Julià offers you a different celebration, combining the charm of its spaces with arches, gardens and the natural environment with the culinary art inspired by the natural, creative, and mediterranean cuisine. We work with the interested party to design each event and celebration custom-made. Moreover, there is the possibility of giving it a special touch adding some of our creative activities.

We invite you to close your eyes and, like a child listening to a tale, allow yourself to be transported by the magic of Can Julià’s little details.

And without fear of becoming a storyteller, you narrate us how do you imagine your special celebration. Because in that space with stone arches, olive trees and nature everything is possible.

Can Julià supports the expression of art in all of its forms, the respect and love for nature, the harmony of movement and above all the creativity… For that reason, Can Julià has created a great deal of diverse activities to enjoy the day of your celebration in a unique way.

Additionally to this fairy tale, you also have to take into account the charm of the different rooms of this country house, the beautiful and natural surroundings and the exquisite mixture of vegetarian and mediterranean cuisine. Trust us, you will wish that this tale does not reach its happy ever after.

Artistic, musical, natural, theatrical, poetical activities, …


Nuptial Wedding or Civil

There is the possibility of carrying out your wedding in a nuptial or civil way. 


Possibility of accomodation for guests and for the couple. 

Degustation of Menus

Previous degustation of menus for 6 people with creative cuisine. 

Rooms equipped with audiovisual support

Stereo, screen, flipchart, laptop, projector, … 

Complementary creative activities

You will have a good time with our creative workshops! 

Free parking

With large capacity for cars and buses. 


Free internet access from any place of the house. 

Design and Printing

Wedding invitations and any other graphic material for the celebration. 


We open you the doors to a space influenced by its natural enclosing. With private and diaphanous rooms and open spaces where you can enjoy your stay. The different environments make possible that each room has different possibilities depending on the personal taste, the requirements and necessities of each group. Versatile and unique spaces that allow to take in from a small family groups to big banquets. 
Outside, Can Julià offers you the garden with the porches, the yard of the olive trees and the little forest. In all these spaces you will enjoy the nature and carry out the banquet, the appetiser or the ceremony. It is also an ideal scenario for relaxing and admiring the beauty of the landscape, carrying out the photographic report or simply taking a walk. 
We invite you to taste our cuisine. In Can Julià we are specialized in a natural, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, homemade, creative, fresh and modern mediterranian cuisine. Every day is more obvious that our alimentation influences our health and our quality of life. The pleasure of eating has to go hand in hand with enjoying a healthy life. We laid our stakes on a gastronomy cared until the last detail, with first quality products and with a pampered appearance. Our amalgam of tastes, scents and colours will wake your scences up and will let you completely satisfied. The variety, quality, and vital level of the foods is important, as well as their combination and the way of cooking them. This is the philosophy that you will find captured in our different menus offers for your banquet. Ask us for detailed information about our menus. 
Do you want to impress your guests with our workshops? We offer you the possibility of giving your celebration a creative touch carrying out one of our workshops. Contact us to if you need more information about them, we are open to suggestions and collaborations. 



Sala Rakú

Height 5m

Banquet 140
Imperial 100
Cocktail 180
School 50
Theatre 110
U 24



Sala Daurada


Height 3,2m

Banquet 90
Imperial 90
Cocktail 125
School 55
Theatre 90
U 24



Sala Modernista

Height 3,2m

Banquet 35
Imperial 40
Cocktail 50
School 25
Theatre 50
U 20



Sala Celler

Height 3m

Banquet 60
Imperial 40
Cocktail 60
School 30
Theatre 60
U 30