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Can Julià - Montanya de Montserrat

Pere Anton and Rosa MaríaThrough his work with ceramic materials Pere Antón discovered his connection with nature, art and creativity, as a means of personal transformation. Rosa María was co-founder of a health center in Barcelona in 1993, and she has contributed her extensive experience to this project. She expreses her art through the love that she instills in everything she does.

The country house Can Julià is an extraordinary space, both because the spaciousness and beauty of the place and the sensitivity of the people that has rapair it. This big construction of 2.800 m2 began to be built in the XV century and it is found at the south of Sant Esteve Sesrovires, 26 km from Barcelona. It is surrounded by a landscape of forest and vineyards – it is where the Bach wines where created in the XIX century -, and you can see the unmistakable silhoutte of the mountain of Montserrat on the horizon. You can come to Can Julià for diverse reasons: intensive courses over the weekend, meetings and training stays for groups or companies… In every situation the acuteness of the experience and the peace the enclave transmits cautivates the partakers.

Can Julià is located in a privileged natural environment. Being surrounded by forests, fields, and vineyards and only 26 km apart from Barcelona and 28 km from the airport it makes Can Julià an ideal place for conducting every type of event for companies. From training sessions, meetings, presentations, workshops, and dynamic groups exercices, as well as recepcions or international events.

The unique architecture, the amplitude, and the beauty of its areas, as well as the spaces carefully repaired respecting the structures and the natural materials contribute to create a warm and cozy ambient taking into account every corner. The country house has 15 rooms, each of them designed with a unique style that makes them an ideal space to carry out stays and events during several days.

Currently groups and companies from many parts of the world choose Can Julià to celebrate their training, courses and meetings.

The origins of the Can Julià country house date from the year 1450. At the beginning of the XX century the brothers Pere and Ramon Bach get Can Julià but they change its name to Can Bach and start producing wine. Rapidly they adcquire the building Can Estrada and in 1918 they build the Masia Bach where they gather their production that will grow with the course of time. The first Bach bottles were presented in the legendary Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929. The Extrísimo White Semi-sweet obtained great success. Nowadays, the characteristics of this wine make it one of the best-sellers in Spain.


We open you the doors to a space influenced by its natural enclosing. With private and diaphanous rooms and open spaces where you can enjoy your stay. The different environments make possible that each room has different possibilities depending on the personal taste, the requirements and necessities of each group. Versatile and unique spaces that allow to take in different groups.
Outside, Can Julià offers you the garden with the porches, the yard of the olive trees and the little forest. In all these spaces you will be able to enjoy the nature and carry out your dynamics and banquets outside. It is also an ideal scenario for relaxing and admiring the beauty of the landscape. There are also different roads and routes for carrying out your excursions. 
We invite you to taste our cuisine. In Can Julià we are specialized in a natural, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, vegan, homemade, creative, fresh and modern mediterranian cuisine. Every day is more obvious that our alimentation influences our health and our quality of life. The pleasure of eating has to go hand in hand with enjoying a healthy life. We laid our stakes on a gastronomy cared until the last detail, with first quality products and with a pampered appearance. Our amalgam of tastes, scents and colours will wake your scences up and will let you completely satisfied. The variety, quality, and vital level of the foods is important, as well as their combination and the way of cooking them. This philosophy is the one that you will find captured in our cuisine.
We invite you to spend a nice day in our country house. You will eat in a unique place. Moreover, besides your activities or celebration you can spend a good time in our creative workshops! Can Julià offers activities for groups from 10 people. You can take a look to our catalogue of workshops and activities clicking here. Contact us to if you need more information about them, we are open to suggestions and collaborations. 



We invite you to design with us a special charming celebration.


Meetings, events and training courses for companies. 


The differents areas make easier the dynamics of groups work and the exchange. 


Atmospheres of serenity and calmness in rooms with a unique and characteristic style.



Can Julià was bornt as a family project. In 1986 Pere Antón purchased the house with his parents Jordi and Conchita and his brother Ramón to set up a space where children could integrate the realization of ceramic workshops with an ecological vision of the world. Oddly enough, it was the same year that various centres in the midst of nature started to function, they shared with Can Julià the compromise of finding human relations more harmonious and new ways of living the spirituality.

The creative and artistic activities took shape and the ceramic sculptures that decorate the house are from that time. Jordi Riera’s death and Ramón’s depart to Brasil with his Brasilian wife marked the start of a new cycle. From 2000, Pere Antón and his wife Rosa María, co-funder of the health centre Memorándum, devote themselves body and soul to the restoration work of the building, Conchita was still involved in it. Pere Antón and Rosa María usually present Can Julià as a space of creative actions. A space – they remember – is influenced by many elements: the order, the cleanliness, the aesthetic, the energy vibration, the use made out of it, … For that reason the house is not open to any kind of activity. Regarding the creative action, it is considered a dedication of what a person is and feels at the time. The momentum of being present and aware of any action, being ordinary or artistic, seems to float in the serene atmosphere of this place.



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